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The Ultimate Security personnel are great and really work as a team on my properties. For my leasing staff, they are helpful and supportive whenever we need an immediate response. They know when to take charge, and we have confidence that they will make decisions that are in the best interest for everyone. Even when the safety of residents is at risk, the security personnel know how and when to impose the necessary practices for the “common good”. That’s why I would recommend them to whoever needs additional support on their property – in a way it’s better than having a cop car posted up. They know what my property’s needs are and tent to them. What more could I ask for?

Jacey Blackwood, Regional Manager, Orlando/Tampa, FL

Honesty- One of the best and most important qualities of an excellent security service and a security guard is honesty. Someone who is reliable can be trusted, which means that letting them take charge eliminates any worries regarding security breaches, inside jobs or confidential information. I started off with one property with USS Agency and I have added them each property as my portfolio grew. It’s not only good for business, but it shows my employees, residents, and management staff that I care about their safety too.
Amiee Johnson, Property Manager, Apopka, FL

To me, security services are some of the most important elements of a successful business operation. Security personnel are hired to help keep people and the premises safe and maintain peace and order. They are also often hired to serve as personal escorts and safety officers. Before hiring just any ‘security company’ I made sure to do my homework. I really looked into the supervisors and how Ultimate Security Services ran their operation, and the free quote was more than what I could have asked for to help me make an informed decision. Contracting Ultimate Security Services was one of the best business decisions that I have made. I entrust the safety and security of my property in the hands of USS Agency.
Leonard Beils, Property Manager, Maitland, FL

USS Agency is great at making people feel at ease. Friendly, conversational, helpful… Those are all good qualities for customer service, but not so much to the point where you don’t truly feel comfortable and confident that when the time comes, you are going to be protected. I feel good with the Ultimate Security Officers are here. That’s what makes me feel safe.
Bernard Aims, Resident, Altamonte Springs, FL

Their officers are analytical; they don’t mind spending time on the details that matter to me as a property owner. They are good at finding issues, or things that could become issues, and tends to seek solutions that require little personal effort. I have a hands-free and worry free relationship with my security company because they truly developed an action plan to ensure my tenants feel at ease, and so do I. I would recommend USS Agency to anyone who wants the job done- the right way.
Ashlynn Baker, Property Owner, Winter Garden, FL

The one thing I can tell you about USS Agency is that they keep their word. If they tell you they are going to do something, you can count on it. That’s a quality that anyone can appreciate; especially when they are being trusted with protecting the people who patronize your business and are protecting your community.

William Englandshon, Resident, Azalea Park, FL

I’ve lived in my apartment complex for like 3 and a half years. I’m glad that they chose to keep this Security Company. I’m telling you, when I come home late from work, I feel a sense of safety just knowing that the security guard is always on post. I know I can count on them and I feel safe.
Bailey Kesler, Resident, Orlando , FL



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